Taylor Swift: Folklore

Taylor Swift: Folklore 

Format: CD, Vinyl, Streaming, Digital Download

Release Date: July 24th, 2020

Genre: Alternative

Album Number: 8

Reviewer: KT


Intro: Folklore was released 1 day after it was announced. That is very rare for Taylor. The closest thing we had to a limited release was Reputation when all we got was the single name and the cover art of the album and a release date and a music video a couple days later. So, Folklore was a surprise album in a sense. There is a lot to talk about with this record and its release and cover art and single/music video choice. Plus, how no one had any idea that it was coming. We shall dive on into Taylor’s most different album and how in some ways she was teasing the album before it was even talked about, let alone conceived and put out into the world. 

The Album: This is Taylor’s 8th album and it was made entirely in quarantine from COVID-19 and it’s her first album to be classified as an alternative. But the name Folklore is not an alternative album to me. It’s very, no pun intended, a folk album. She tells a bunch of stories about her life or ones that she made up. As a whole, it’s a good album. It calms you down and there aren’t any pop songs that she is mostly known for. A very different approach and very different genre all together but she can do it and do it right. I basically liked all the songs except one. Which when I first hear an album, it’s very rare. But definitely an album for the time the world is in. Quarantine has been hard and hearing this album has helped out so much. It keeps you mellow, and you can have a glass of wine or a beer and just relax and put it on to decompress. I am excited to see where she goes next with her next album. That’s if she even makes another one. I had thought she wasn’t going make another one just because she had made it known that she is going focus on re-recording her old albums to have her own versions of. So, this album was a surprise and I am living for it. I can see this album changing the music business for many people. It’s already in talks about being nominated for a bunch of Grammys’. I can’t wait to where this era goes. 


1. The 1- The album starts out with a song that is about where she is at emotionally with her relationship and her career. It’s a good start. I can definitely see that song being a single.

2. Cardigan- The first single and the first music video. It was gorgeously sung and an amazing video. It had a lot of references to magic and Peter Pan both in the song and video. The video also just sells the song more than anything. If she performs that one live, it will be very pretty. It’s also about a Love Triangle between 3 other songs on the album. 

3. The Last Great American Dynasty- This song is about Taylor’s Rhode Island home and who used to own it and all the stuff the happened in the house and now that she owns it, she can write about it. It’s very pretty also.

4. Exile feat. Bon Iver- This song is her only feature and it fits perfectly with the song’s message. I LOVE THIS SONG. It’s so haunting but beautiful and it reminds me of another song on a previous album called The Last Time feat Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol. That song was on Red which had some folk inspirations, so I love this one a lot. It has grown on me since I first heard it. It’s about a relationship that isn’t working, and they are just stuck in ‘exile’ and they just want out. 

5. My Tears Ricochet- This song is about a girl going to her boyfriend’s funeral and she wishes she had more time with him, and her tears ricochet on to his casket. So, she has to move on and get going with her life. It’s very sad but pretty

6. Mirrorball- This song is about Taylor showing everyone their feelings and how they treat her and how that can bounce off of her and show people who they really are. I feel like this song is kind of to her haters in a way. 

7. Seven- The seventh track is called Seven. That isn’t a coincidence. Taylor is always very smart when it comes down to the little details. It’s about being young and having memories about a friend that has a bad home. So, she comes to you to escape that life. 

8. August- This song is the second in the Love Triangle. It’s from one of the people perspectives in the album. It’s about having that last time to being on vacation and enjoying nights and just being young and not caring. Also, it’s the 8th track and August is the 8th month. Also, a small detail that Taylor is smart in making an album track list. 

9. This Is me Trying- This song is about talking to someone you care about and how you are ‘trying’ and somehow, they don’t see that you are. So, you keep telling them, you are trying. It’s a very pretty song with echoes. 

10. Illicit Affairs- This song is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend and not caring enough to tell him about it. So is her little affair and she is ok with that. So, it’s another interesting story that it’s more common than people think. 

11. Invisible String- This song I feel like is about her life. She references a lot of things she does with her current relationship and how they met and just how things led to them being together. If I had a relationship tied by a string, this song would be the perfect metaphor and I wish I could have one like this. 

12. Mad Woman- This song is to be rumored about her feud with Scooter Braun. It kind of pinpoints some of the things I would see Taylor saying to him and how him and his team made her go mad in a metaphorical term. So, if you feel like you have been screwed over by someone with power, this song will make you put it into perspective. I can’t wait to see her perform that one live. 

13. Epiphany- This song is about having a feeling that something metaphorical is watching all things happen to you in your life and it haunts you till the day you die. It’s one of those songs that sounds so light but the lyrics are so dark and just make you want to turn some lights on in your house when you’re alone. 

14. Betty- This song was the one song I wasn’t a fan of on the album. It has a harmonica that reminds me of another artists’ song and I just can’t stand hearing it. It is the 3rd song about the Love Triangle. This is from another’s perspective and it’s just talking about another character. The harmonica doesn’t go away until the last 3rd of the song. So it’s just hard for me to focus on the song in general with that getting stuck in your head. 

15. Peace- This song was about wanting someone that you know will hurt you mentally and definitely someone that will make you question ever being in love, but you don’t care because you just love them so much. So, you will do anything in your power to keep them in your life. 

16. Hoax- This is like a part 2 to the 12th track. It’s another kind of diss track but it’s also about knowing that people can be a hoax and try to trick you into thinking they have your best interest at heart. But really, they just want to get ahead of you and make you feel like you aren’t worth it anymore. It’s very kind of black and white. But I love songs like that so you really want to figure out who did it and how can you just hate o them more. 

Cover Art and Limited Edition- Taylor is so smart and a very savvy businesswoman. She made 8 different covers for both the Vinyl and the CD. And as a fan I was able to get all of the CD’s and 2 of the vinyl’s. I can’t wait to see all the different pictures and covers and have the whole collection. And on top of that, they are limited edition. So of course, she only had them up on her website for a week and now they are releasing 2 versions at Target. So, she is very smart with making her money and trying to appeal to get her fans to buy all the copies just because she is Taylor Swift. Who knows what she will do next with the next album. I am excited but I know my wallet isn’t. 

Overall Rating- I would say that the record is a 4 out of 5. I like the record a lot and I didn’t think I was going to like it for a few reasons. But I really like how Taylor was able to take stories and still put her own spin on it. I cant wait to see where this record goes in 5-10 years. Can’t wait for the next record. 

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